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she / they, 17, bi
infp-t, 9w6

music !
the cure, radiohead, blur, oasis, the smiths, deftones, arctic monkeys, beck, nirvana, bauhaus, bombay bicycle club, franz ferdinand, cocteau twins, echo & the bunnymen, the stone roses, pulp, sonic youth, interpol, the last shadow puppets, gorillaz, hole, the beatles, the jesus and mary chain, the strokes, killing joke, japan, siouxsie and the banshees, bring me the horizon, new order, joy division, elastica, suede, buzzcocks, failure, paramore, slowdive, my bloody valentine, pixies

fit the basic criteria, under 14 unless i already know you or follow back, like: gacha life, vivziepop, homestuck, aot, kpop, dsmp, or musicals (like hamilton) unless i already know you, into fursuiting lmfao, post/talk abt thinspo/proana, actually stan morrissey

i dont condone any of the dumb shit my favs say or do (rh i am looking directly at you), i post a lot on my story and spam my spam acc, dms can be kinda difficult on insta (my discord is tchocky#1971 pls add me lol) so bear with me, i dont need tone tags but tell me if you need them!, i swear a lot, kinda very mentally ill, i ship rps but i dont take it seriously at all

other things i like
drawing, pokemon, vocaloid, ludwig (streamer), vinesauce, trainspotting (movie), nintendo, bbc sherlock, the 80s/90s, halo, scott pilgrim, madoka magica, free!, haruhi suzumiya, doukyuusei, bojack horseman, good omens, resident evil

the funny

click it mf

dulcie! toffe!
thomas! gen!
meryl! omar!
lily! caitlin!
sinclair! blurry!
yoshi! jakau!
riley! bin!
HI BESTIES ily guys :((!!

stan list so true
i will post about these mfs a lot:

the cure
other miscellaneous bands i listen to

thats it i think like in that order 👍

unrelated but uh i bond best over music so .. talk to me abt that! even if its an artist i dont listen to i will b v interested!
(also pokemon and vocaloid im literally a walking encyclopaedia on those things do not get me started)